Job Detail

Client Name : Confidential     Website
Job Duration : 7 (months)
Job NO : Confidential201901251
Job Location : Confidential, Austin TX 78731
Job Closing Date : 03/01/2019
Job Description :

 Working with Land Survey equipment, performing maintenance and upkeep, training and development 
- Provide technical support to land surveyors 
- Troubleshooting optical survey systems 
- Troubleshooting land survey software issues 
- Conduct research and development related to UAS 
- Experience supporting and maintaining GNSS components 
- Experience creating and developing land survey training materials, videos, guides 

Minimum Skills Requirement in years
Years Skills/Experience
3 Relevant Land Survey experience.
Strong • Extensive experience using Trimble based products.
Strong • Extensive experience performing land survey technology training using Trimble based products.
Yes • Previous land survey party chief experience working in the field and performing land survey job duties.