Job Detail

Client Name : Confidential     Website
Job Duration : 6 (months)
Job NO : Confidential201903081
Job Location : Confidential, Austin TX 78731
Job Closing Date : 04/26/2019
Job Description :

Jasper Reporting Studio Developer/Administrator - 6 Mo. W2/Onsite Contract - Austin, Tx 78731

Support and development of a major transformation project.

• Jasper Server software operations, monitoring, and administration. 
• Govern and facilitate the on-boarding of new users for report development and reporting end-users 
• Assessment of available capacity prior to adding new report developers and viewers 
• Configuration of auditing logs, security, folder structures, and multi-tenant organization management for report system management across several agency divisions and districts 
• Configure encryption, data connections, themes, and user access as needed to achieve the business needs while maintaining compliance with regulatory and agency operations policies 
• Design, develop, and deploy reports 
• Create connections to the database in order to develop queries, stored procedures, or functions that will support specific business reporting requirements 
• Good understanding of both tabular classic style transactional reporting and advanced data visualization/dashboards 
• Ability to work with the business team to understand and clarify reporting requirements and shall ensure that reports meet specifications 
• Ability to work towards report integration/consolidation to ensure there is minimal duplication across the reporting portfolio and shall organize reports in a manner that assists in making reports easily accessible 

Minimum Skills Requirement in years
Years Skills/Experience
5 Linux system administration experience
3 Experience with Jasper report server software and desktop, security, Good understanding of data connection management for operational reporting in an Oracle database environment
5 Report development experience with any reporting tool
3 Experience specifically in Jasper Reports
Strong Deep understanding of SQL in an Oracle database environment