Job Detail

Client Name : Confidential     Website
Job Duration : 7 (months)
Job NO : Confidential201903247
Job Location : Confidential, Austin TX 78731
Job Closing Date : 05/12/2019
Job Description :

GIS Developer  - 7 Month W2/Onsite Contract - Austin, TX 78731

Job Responsibilities: 
- Supports Geographic Information System (GIS) and related activities including hardware, software, and GIS development activities 
- Supports the engineering, operation and maintenance of the enterprise wide Geographic Information System (GIS) 
- Develops, executes, manages and maintains enterprise wide GIS implementation, operational and maintenance master plans, coordinating across all IT delivery towers 
- Defines, delegates, empowers and prioritizes related GIS activities within the GIS team 
- Manage GIS development and technology strategies to support efforts for the client 
- Train end users on GIS technologies related to web map application use. 
- Focused application development using the Esri Javascript and Web Application Builder framework 
- Developing, prototyping and building web applications
- Utilizing REST, SOAP, or other data methodologies 
- Working with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle data elements 
- Developing using the Python language 
- Integrating web applications into Esri portal technologies 

Minimum Skills Requirement in years
Years Skills/Experience
4 - Experience developing GIS applications using Angular.
4 - Experience using Esri ArcGIS platform software with an emphasis in ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal and Server).
Yes - Experience using various scripting techniques with Python with an emphasis in the ArcGIS Python API.
Yes - Working knowledge of the Esri Javascript API and development capabilities.
Yes - Experience developing widgets and plugins for ArcGIS.