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Client Name : Confidential     Website
Job Duration : 9 (months)
Job NO : Confidential201901215
Job Location : Confidential, Austin TX 78731
Job Closing Date : 03/11/2019
Job Description :

ob Description: 
This position is responsible for the strategic and architectural guidance of client Business and Integrated Traffic System infrastructure. 

Responsibilities include providing strategic leadership for the development of our broadcast and infrastructure transport services. 
• A focus on providing reliable and cost-effective data and content delivery solutions is critical for this role. 
• This individual will participate in both the worlds of Infrastructure Strategy and Enterprise Architecture to align the organization globally and guide discussions of new technologies. 
• Leveraging a deep understanding of networking, the Senior Director of Strategic Networking will lead discussions and provide strategic direction in corporate and broadcast areas to support their transformation as we modernize working and delivery models 
• This role will develop a strong working relationship with subordinates, peers and management and work towards a common vision to architect, implement and support current and new technologies, and support the business goals. 
• This individual will be responsible for the team of engineers that report directly to him/her to ensure all issues are dealt with proactively and resolved in a timely manner. 
• He/She will act as a technical resource to others on the team. 
• He/She will also act as a technical consult to the Senior Director of Tactical Networking and the VP of Networking & Collaboration. 
Job Responsibilities: 

Responsible for guiding Infrastructure Networking technical strategy 
• Define Network standards 
• Proposes new technologies, new technical and architectural strategies, and new processes to meet business challenges, in full consideration of their costs and benefits. Provides insights and new ways of looking at the business and technology that contribute to the strategic plans and directions. 
• Develops architectural standards and roadmaps to migrate to standards that will add significant value to the business. Promotes the architectural vision to colleagues, explaining the ultimate value to be achieved, and resolving conflicts between standardization and innovation. 
• Develops highly sophisticated technology plans to support the business that requires the integration of multiple technologies, addressing the interrelationships of multiple systems, and serving diverse clients 
• Proactively assesses the trends in Viacom business functions and the industry in general and their impact on the technology architecture; anticipates changes and needs to effectively plan for the future of the multiple technologies supported 
• Partner with industry experts and peers to better understand the future of technology 
• Partner with infrastructure groups to develop optimized network connectivity, redundancy and fault tolerance 
• Work closely with other groups sharing project information to understand current and future technologically needs and direction 
• Lead strategic Network connectivity planning for public and private cloud use 
• Partner with Operations team to adapt support models for dynamically deployed and scaled platforms 
• Keep Network Support Center Management abreast of any and all network performance or management issues that require high-level attention 
• Ensure work and projects are completed promptly and thoroughly 
• Participate in Disaster Recovery planning and te

Minimum Skills Requirement in years
Years Skills/Experience
5 Infrastructure/Network Architect/ Advisory Consultant-
5 IT Strategy, Communication Strategy and Execution